MY Pepper Jellye.

where heat meets sweet

 MY Original-  My Nanny's recipe.  Milder heat made with green bell peppers and jalapenos. 

Mango Habanero--Mango, habaneros, red bell peppers.  Medium heat.  Use this to glaze chicken or fish or add to a blender or margarita for a little kick.
Pineapple Habanero-  Pineapple, habaneros, red bell peppers.  Mix with horseradish for a dipping sauce for shrimp or fish. 
Smokin' Ghost-- Smoked Ghost chilis and red bell peppers. More heat.  Men LOVE this flavor!!!  Add to your favorite rib or wing sauce for a kick!!
Oh Hot Damn!!--Trinidad Scorpion Peppers and red bell peppers.  Made with the hottest peppers in the world.  Show off your skills!! 
​Blackberry Jalapeno (seasonal)  ​Fresh blackberries, green bell peppers, and jalapenos.    Awesome over cream cheese, baked brie,  pork, OR for toast, bagels, yogurt , or your PB and J! Also great on top of vanilla ice cream!!!  This is a wonderful addition to your summer menu!! 
​Bourbon Peach Habanero (seasonal)--WOO HOO--my favorite flavor of the year!!!  Fresh peaches, red peppers, bourbon, and habaneros!!!  Great as an appetizer over cream cheese but also awesome on the grill with your chicken, pork or fish!!

OMG--Oh MY Garlic!!!--This is a brand new flavor that folks were asking for!!  Fresh garlic, combined with an entire bottle of craft beer, some peppers and habaneros make for AWESOME flavor!!!  Great on the grill or any type of meat!!! 

MY Cowboy Candy!!-- Sliced jalapenos that are candied for just a minute so that they stay crunchy!  Use as traditional pepper jelly, or top burgers on the grill!!  Also, use as a zip for your special potato salad recipe!

The Collection-  This is a boxed set of 6 flavors--the current seasonal flavors, MY Original, Mango Habanero, Pineapple Habanero, and Smokin' Ghost.  You get six 4 oz. jars all boxed and tied with raffia, ready for giving (or keeping for yourself). 


MY Pepper Jelly always has tons of flavors to choose from, however 2 flavors change every season. 
  • Spring season--March through May--Strawberry Jalapeno and Ruby Red Habanero
  • Summer Season--June through September--Blackberry Jalapeno and Bourbon Peach Habanero
  • Fall/Winter Season--October through February--Cap'n Japple and Cran-Orange Chipotle 


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MY Pepper Jelly is sold in 8 oz jars. 
The prices are --
One jar--$8
two jars--$15
three jars--$22
I am happy to give you prices for smaller jars for wedding favors or corporate events